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Client Testimonials

Clients always have a goal in mind when the visit me. Whether it's pain relief, or just relaxation, it's my privilege to help with their health in this way. Here's what some of my clients have said about me.


"Oh my goodness I feel basically back to normal!!!! I can breath normal... bend and twist! Going back to working out on Wednesday! Thank you for fixing me!! you are amazing!" ~Lena R.


"Oh Lacey, Lacey, Lacey! You can rub me anytime! What a wonderful massage! Hard in the right places and she listened when I said owwie in the other places. I've had massages before but she knew of places I didn't know affected other places."  ~Staci S.


"Lacey Chrisman is an incredibly skilled and highly-trained therapist. She performs her healing art with confidence and honesty. Her knowledge and technique puts the abilities of most other massage therapists to shame." ~ SunWolf G.


"I have been to a lot of massage therapists over the years and no one compares to Lacey! I have Crohn's Disease which comes with chronic joint pain. Lacey has always been able to give me relief from this pain. She knows how to give just the right amount of pressure and I always leave her feeling better! ~S.B.


"As a LEO, I have constant weight pulling down on my hips causing lower back pain. Sitting in a patrol car doesn't help this either. I've been getting worked on by Lacey for the past few years and she has been a life saver. All the pain goes away and the stresses of the job melt away too. Thanks Lacey!" ~Cory S.


"I have chronic neck and shoulder pain and Lacey's massage every week helps me tremendously. She is intuitive and has a therapeutic touch. The best massages I have ever had. Thank you Lacey!" ~Marci D.


"I came with a bad hip and tight muscles everywhere. Lacy only had a hour and she covered everything! My hip felt/feels great, my muscles loose and all the stress of life was gone. I definitely need/will go back to Lacy again!" ~Dylan S.

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